Inverted Nipples

Signature technique by Dr. Jonathan Kanevsky

Do you feel self-conscious about the projection of your nipples?

It is common to be concerned about your nipples if they appear inverted or project inwards instead of outwards. Though having inverted nipples is often completely normal, it may be something that has bothered you for quite some time. You may also have noticed that your nipples have recently become inverted over puberty, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

Inverted Nipples

Breast Augmentation with Lipofilling is a cosmetic surgery to help you achieve your preferred size. It can also restore lost volume and add beautiful curves to your silhouette. The perfect result is one that makes you feel confident and natural. No matter the reason, undergoing breast surgery is a personal choice, one that can be made with the help and expertise of Dr. Jonathan Kanevsky.


Your personal guide through surgery

Dr. Kanevsky puts your health and needs first to deliver natural-looking results. With this approach, he has mastered minimally invasive techniques for Inverted Nipple Surgery. The procedure uses concealed incisions and leaves no visible scar lines.

Understanding Your Surgery

Before your Inverted Nipple Surgery, Dr. Kanevsky will assess the grade of your nipple inversion and together, you will discuss your goals. Three degrees of nipple inversion may determine how your surgery is performed.

Mild- Grade 1

Your nipples look flat or slightly inverted yet still can evert or protrude in response to stimuli such as touch or temperature.

Moderate- Grade 2

Your nipples appear slightly more inverted than in grade 1 and will evert with manipulation but immediately return to an inverted state.

Severe- Grade 3

Your nipples are severely inverted and will not evert, even with temperature or manual stimulation.

Improve the way your feel about your body.
Nipple Inversion Surgery is a solution that can bring you confidence and comfort.

Life after your transformation

Once your nipples align with your ideal look, you will find more confidence and be happier with the overall appearance of your breasts. Inverted Nipple Surgery typically produces permanent results that will allow you to resume all activities, including breastfeeding. You will no longer have to be concerned about disguising the nipples, and your results will look very natural so that nobody can tell you’ve had surgery.

Radiance beyond appearance

A person's Aura is formed by the harmony of the body, mind and soul. The delicate transformation of the body can have a positive effect on the mind and soul, leading to a new and enhanced aura. Discover your true Aura!