Scarless Breast Lift

Signature technique by Dr. Jonathan Kanevsky

Do you see that your breasts have lost volume or become flat? Do you feel that the position and sag of your breasts limit your clothing options?

You may be one of many women concerned about how aging and pregnancy have affected the appearance of their breasts. It’s not out of the norm to consider surgery to restore your youthful breast shape.

Scarless Breast Lift

A Scarless Breast Lift is a cosmetic surgery to elevate the position of your breasts while enhancing their shape and firmness. Whether you are looking to address extreme sagging or would simply like a perkier projection, you can achieve your breast goals with the help and expertise of Dr. Jonathan Kanevsky.

Dr. Kanevsky is a leader in the field of minimally invasive Scarless Breast Lift and has completed over 5000 procedures.

Your personal guide through surgery

Depending on the shape and size of your breasts, a breast lift can be done with or without scars. Dr. Kanevsky uses a minimally invasive skin tightening technology called Renuvion that can help lift and tighten the breast tissue to avoid the need for large scars and incisions.

Understanding Your Surgery

Dr. Kanevsky will assess the amount of sagging and quality of the skin on your breasts. He will discuss the best technique to enhance your breast position with you, and together, you will create a surgical plan that meets your goals. Your scarless breast lift surgery will involve only small incisions that eventually heal and can be seen as nothing more than a dot on the skin.

A surgical plan with less scarring, downtime & risk.
A Scarless Breast Lift is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Life after your transformation

With a restored and youthful shape, there’s no denying how your Scarless Breast Lift will make you feel. As a result of firmer breasts, a higher nipple position and an elegant new look, your confidence will extend beyond feeling proud of your appearance. Your Scarless Breast Lift will look completely natural and enhance the feminine curves of your body. If so desired, you can keep your surgery a complete secret.

Radiance beyond appearance

A person's Aura is formed by the harmony of the body, mind and soul. The delicate transformation of the body can have a positive effect on the mind and soul, leading to a new and enhanced aura. Discover your true Aura!