Areola Reduction

Signature technique by Dr. Jonathan Kanevsky

Do you feel your areolas are too large or asymmetrical? Does this disproportional appearance make you feel self-conscious about your breasts or chest?

Areolas can come in all shapes, colours, and sizes, but you’re not alone if you are someone who wishes to alter their appearance. The areola is the pigmented area of the skin surrounding the nipple and, when enlarged, can be a source of embarrassment or distress for both men and women.

Areola Reduction

Areola reduction is a cosmetic surgery to reduce and resize the areola. It is often a surgery sought after by women following pregnancy, as the areolas can become larger or puffier. This surgery can also help men who genetically have larger areolas or experience changes in areola size due to weight fluctuations. No matter the reason, with the help and expertise of Dr. Jonathan Kanevsky, you can achieve the areola size and look your desire.

Dr. Kanevsky is a leader in the field of minimally invasive Areola Reduction and has completed over 5000 procedures.

Your personal guide through surgery

Dr. Kanevsky puts your health and needs first to deliver natural-looking results. With this approach, he has mastered the necessary skills to perform Areola Reduction with minimal scarring and less invasive techniques.

Understanding Your Surgery

Before your Areola Reduction, Dr. Kanevsky will assess your breast tissue and the size of your areola. Together you will discuss your goals and how you want your areolas to look. He will then choose the best technique for your reduction.

During surgery, Dr. Kanevsky will use surgical tools to remove excess or unwanted skin from the outer edges of your areola. He will use exact measurements to ensure that both breasts look symmetrical, proportional, and balanced.

Find confidence and improve the appearance of your breasts with an areola reduction.
A solution with less scarring, downtime & risk.

Life after your transformation

After achieving your ideal appearance, there’s no denying how your new areola size will make you feel. As a result of more proportional and smaller areolas, your confidence and self-esteem be improved. With incision lines that are nicely hidden, you won’t have to disclose your surgery to anyone. Areola Reduction can leave your breasts or chest with a youthful and restored appearance that looks very natural.

Radiance beyond appearance

A person's Aura is formed by the harmony of the body, mind and soul. The delicate transformation of the body can have a positive effect on the mind and soul, leading to a new and enhanced aura. Discover your true Aura!