Welcome to Aura Aesthetica, where we redefine the transformative power of surgery through the lens of the ceremony. Our approach goes beyond enhancing physical appearances; we believe in connecting individuals to a higher purpose and intention behind their body transformations. Discover the profound connection between your body, mind, and spirit as you embark on a journey toward self-realization and peak form.

What is surgery as Ceremony™?

Surgery as Ceremony™ is a process by which a curated team of experts supports you through the transformation of your body as well as your mind.

Your care team consists of your surgeon, a lymphatic massage practitioner, and psychotherapist to give you a holistic angle to your healing. Together they will collaborate on a plan outlining the arc of your transformational journey starting with preparation, continuing through your procedure, and extending into aftercare for an optimal healing experience.

Surgery and Ceremony are similar in three ways:


There is an intention to undergo a powerful and lasting transformation of the mind and body


One enters an altered and elevated state of consciousness


A guide brings you through a ritual and process to complete the transformation

Our Perception of Beauty

From the moment we are born, we are shaped by societal norms, parental influence, and the relentless pressure of media’s portrayal of beauty. At Aura Aesthetica, we understand that everyone has a unique relationship with their body and self-perception. Our expert surgeons are dedicated to helping you undergo Surgery as Ceremony™, the filters through which you view yourself, allowing you to embrace your true essence and unlock your full potential.

Empowering Your Highest Representation

Our goal as surgeons is to help you achieve your highest representation – your peak form – so that you can excel in all aspects of your life. Through meticulous procedures and personalized care, we optimize your vessel, enabling you to pursue your dreams and face each day with self-love, confidence, and an abundant resource to share with the world.

Surgery as Ceremony™

We believe that every surgical procedure is an opportunity to honor the transformative power of your body and psyche. Like traditional ceremonies rooted in rituals, surgery at Aura Aesthetica is a sacred ritual, creating an elevated state of consciousness and a profound desire for mind-body transformation. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to awaken a new version of yourself – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Unveiling Society’s Conditioning

Unfortunately, our society often places an unfair burden on us to conform to beauty standards. At Aura Aesthetica, we understand and empathize with the intensity of this conditioning. Our compassionate team is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all individuals seeking transformation, irrespective of gender. We recognize and respect the unique challenges you face, and we are here to empower you on your journey.

Embracing Rituals, Processes, and Protocols

Just as rituals have a process, and processes have protocols, each surgical procedure at Aura Aesthetica is a carefully crafted protocol. We understand the significance of your personal rituals and aim to seamlessly merge them with the transformative power of surgery. Our experienced surgeons combine artistry, expertise, and innovation to guide you through a truly transformative experience.

Discover the Ceremony of Transformation

At Aura Aesthetica, we invite you to honor your unique journey of self-discovery. Embrace the profound potential within you to undergo a fundamental shift – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Unveil a new version of yourself through the skilled hands of our compassionate surgeons and experience the extraordinary fusion of science, art, and ceremony.

Unlock the Power Within

Your body is not just a vessel; it is a source of self-love, confidence, and limitless potential. Aura Aesthetica is here to help you tap into that power. Embrace the transformative magic of Surgery as Ceremony™ and embark on a life-changing path of self-realization and empowerment.

Schedule a consultation with us today and let us guide you on a journey of transformation that transcends the physical. Together, we will unlock the extraordinary within you.

Radiance beyond appearance

A person's Aura is formed by the harmony of the body, mind and soul. The delicate transformation of the body can have a positive effect on the mind and soul, leading to a new and enhanced aura. Discover your true Aura!